The Forensics Informatics Biometrics Repository (FIB-R) is an open source project aimed at gathering a large, standardised set of biometric material to allow for scientific testing of forensic identification ability. The certainty that FIB-R provides regarding a clear connection between ‘suspect’ and forensic evidence allows for greater objectivity in forensic testing. This is especially true when taking into account that the link between suspect and evidence from real crimes isn’t completely certain. Additionally, FIB-R protocol emphasises capturing the material in as a realistic manner as possible. For example, the collection of fingerprints after participants have interacted with a surface in a way usually demonstrated in crimes, or by replicating scenarios from a crime for recording by CCTV. This produces forensic materials that replicate real forensic evidence to a high degree, and allows for testing forensic identification using FIB-R materials to closely mirror professional forensic identification.


As an open source database, the FIB-R not only serves as a source for testing material, but also provides protocols and procedures for others to collect their own standardised materials. As a result, people are able to contribute to the material in FIBR, and consequently, benefit others in the field.

Here you will find brief descriptions on the forensic material we gathered for FIB-R, as well as the procedures we used to gather the material. Thanks to Morgan Tear for his role in creating this database and protocol.

For more information or to access the materials please contact:

Jason Tangen