Face recognition and eyewitness testimony, i.e. artists renderings, identification from mug shots and line-ups, identification from review of videos, etc., have been studied extensively, and a large, high quality repository of face images and video footage is in high demand.

We deemed face stimuli to be incredibly useful for many aspects of cognitive psychology research. Additionally, mugshot face photographs are optimal stimuli to use in tandem with CCTV footage for testing face- or body-recognition software.

FIB-R Forensic Informatics Biometric Repository Faces

What did we collect?

Six face photos were collected from a total of five angles. Participants were instructed to maintain a neutral facial expression, and to keep their eyes focused on an imaginary horizon for each of these photos, unless instructed otherwise. Photos included:

  • Full left profile
  • 45 degree left profile
  • Portrait
  • Portrait, happy expression
  • 45 degree right profile
  • Full right profile

FIB-R Forensic Informatics Biometric Repository Face AnglesFIB-R Forensic Informatics Biometric Repository Faces Time Spaced